Self Love For Empaths



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Everyone has trouble with Self Love because of the world we live in. Empaths have different obstacles. They feel others as their own and have trouble distinguishing their own feelings from the feelings of others. They are targeted by predators like narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths. Their lives and sanity are often destroyed leaving them to have to rebuild. They develop trust issues, social anxiety, self isolation, depression, and fear of intimacy, and deep shame.

In this course we will be learning how to become aware of threats, and how to defend ourselves from them. We will learn how to own what is ours and not what isn’t. We will learn how to allow others to be responsible for their own stuff. We will learn to protect ourselves using techniques such as transmuting energy. We will learn how to safely become open to letting people in again, and how to start working on healing our shame and negative beliefs.

7 Video Online Course


Module 1: Awareness

  • Narcissists & predators

  • Energy vampires & toxic people

Module 2: Empowerment

  • Feeling others

  • Protection and transmutation

Module 3: Healing

  • Social anxiety and isolation

  • Shame & negative beliefs



(Regular Price $197)


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