Mind Mastery



Master your subconscious mind.

(95 minutes in 11 parts)


Reprogram your subconscious beliefs about yourself with the help of this audio program made to teach you how to re-examine your subconscious beliefs and reprogram them into more loving, self-accepting ones. It’s designed to help you turn thoughts like “I’m not good enough” into “I am more than good enough. I’m awesome.” This audio program teaches you to question your current negative beliefs and to replace them with positive ones. All you have to do is listen and follow the instructions.


This is For You If:

• You have negative beliefs about yourself

• You have negative self-talk

• You have experienced narcissistic abuse


If any of this sounds like you, this course is for you.


1: Becoming Aware

2: Take Your Power Back

3: Shifting Your Perspective

"I really Love this series!!"

Leigh O.

"Wow. I am impressed with your authenticity and honesty. I love that! I can relate to a lot of what you've experienced. Thank you."


"This audio makes is so easy to get a grip on my own negative thought patterns. I wish I had heard this years ago."

Ed C.

About the Teacher

Natasha Hynes is a self-love specialist and professional intuitive. She focuses on helping sensitive and empathic people redefine how they see themselves and heal from trauma, shame, and self-hate.

She has personally overcome suicidal depression, addiction, body dysmorphia, bulimia and toxic shame from narcissistic abuse.​ Her mission is to remind you of who you truly are, a divine being inherently worthy of love and respect from yourself and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you if either of these sounds like you:

  • You have negative beliefs about yourself
  • You have negative self-talk
  • You have experienced narcissistic abuse

The course is 95 minutes long organized into 11 videos (audio only). You can play and pause whenever you want. There are no rules in how long it should take you. 

You can also listen to it as you do other things.


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